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Friday, October 26, 2012

Grandaddy's Farm

We went to Grandaddy's Farm with my son's preschool, and we had a blast! Some of the things they have there are: tractor rides, a huge trampoline, pig races, a really big bench swing, two tube slides (one is extra long and goes down a hill), three big tire swings, and some animals to check out. There is a lot more, and you can see a complete description at their website, listed above.

The Farm is located in Winchester. It's a little off the beaten path, but isn't everything around here? So, when you get to the farm, you pay, and walk through a small gift shop featuring some really cool gourds. The tractor ride pulls a large wagon around the farm. We went down a big hill, and back up again, then under a tunnel, which had gourds hanging from it.

The Farm also has a large area to eat, with picnic tables and a snack bar. A word of caution: during the time we went, in the fall, there were many yellow jackets flying around the trashcans. If you do choose to bring food when these bees are present, I would suggest eating far away from the trash cans. And if you or your kids are allergic to bees, certainly bring your epi pen, or use other precautions.

Cowan Railroad Museum

The Cowan Railroad Museum was a lot of fun! It is a small museum, but has lots of artifacts that you can touch and a really cool model train where you can go underneath and look up into a plastic bubble. There are also a lot of old pictures of the train station, and everything that went with it like old maps, records books and supplies. The pictures were well maintained and it was pretty cool to look at pictures of the very building you are standing in.

The town of Cowan is also very nice. It was especially beautiful as we visited in the fall, and the colors of the leaves and the rolling hills made a great back drop to the museum. There were several restaurants near the museum, which is located in the heart of the main street running through town.

Of course, the best part was being able to get on the old train outside. There is a steam engine, platform, box car and caboose.

I could definitely see this becoming something we do again. Next time, I'd like to walk downtown and visit the various souvenir shops, restaurants and shops.